Are you a perfect girlfriend?

1) you’re sincere and open.
2) you like children.
3) you’re easy-going.
4) you’re hard-working and have a certain amount of self-discipline.
5) you don’t chase after instant-gratification
6) you don’t try to change him.
7) you’re not a bitch or a whiner.
8) you’re not unreasonable.
9) you’re emotionally stable.
10) you’re flexible.
11) you don’t care too much about dating men with money, but yet you’re frugal.
12) you’re well mannered
13) Never argue or confront him in public
14) you have some sort of cooking skills
15) You’re adventurous and always up for new things

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The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs less.

Enjoy every moment of life, b’coz even todays newspaper will become tomorrow’s waste paper. #ThatsLife

#Lol Girls with makeup v/s without makeup v/s how girls think, they look without makeup

OMG!!! His new Kawasaki Ninja hit ($14000) by a SUV running 120 m/h. Let’s see, did he survive?

Justin Bieber is gearing up for the release of his new Christmas album. Photo included.

Facebook introduced the new feature.

How to find out, that your friend is real or not?


Funniest Sanitary Pads Ad Ever —

Name of Facebook should be changed to ‘FakeBook’. Cause everybody’s busy faking there.